Free Start Up Stock Photo Resources

As content marketers, we use a lot of stock photos for our clients’ websites, social channels, and print collateral. Budgets can be tight, so we refuse to waste money on buying cheesy stock photos. That’s why we’re sharing this useful list of the best places to find stock photos.
The requirements:
  1. They have to be free because ain’t nobody got money for that.
  2. They can’t just have a bunch of white guys shaking hands because the world doesn’t actually look like that and no one wants to see another one of those bad stock photos.
  3. It has to be really really really re-hee-eealy easy to figure out.

When… I Need Something Specific

This is my personal favorite. This site has a huge selection of pictures of phones, laptops, and tablets to use.
The search on Stock Snap is great. The tags are easy to use to find high-quality royalty-free stock photos.
There is a huge variety on Pic Jumbo. You’ll find a few borderline cheesy stock images, but for every one of those, you can find 10 really great ones.

When… I Need Something in a Niche

These guys do one thing and they do it well. If you’re working in a niche, try one of these sites.
Warning! Do not browse before lunch. This site is full of appetizing food photos fit for any food-based start-up.
Looking for a great vintage photo? Browse the archive of vintage public domain imagery at New Old Stock.

When I need Some Inspiration

Even the best marketers run out of ideas from time to time. Sometimes you need to find something specific, and sometimes you need something to spark a little inspiration. Get these stock photos right to your inbox to get your creative juices flowin’.
Receive 10 high-quality artistic stock photos every day from Unsplash right to your inbox.
7 hand-picked snaps every 7 days that are completely free to use.
These guys are sending you packs monthly. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to watch them travel the country in search of the best stock photography.

When.. I Just Want to Browse.

These sites let you get lost in the never-ending scroll of beautiful imagery.

These user-generated photos are gorgeously curated for your viewing/using pleasure.
Get user generated photography for free from Refe.
Do you have a favorite free stock photo go to? Leave it in the comments, we are always on the hunt for more great places for images.