Our Marketing Predictions for 2017

Between the memes, horror film teasers, and the year-ist social media posts burning 2016 to the ground, there lives a message of hope. We are Han and Leia, 2016 is Darth Vader. We are the overzealous holiday guest, 2016 is the Thanksgiving Turducken. On an unrelated note, we are our post-holiday waistline, 2016 is last year’s dress. We have defeated 2016. Although we all know that tragedy does not limit itself to a calendar year, 2017 represents a fresh start, and hope for the future.

With eyes on 2017, we hope you have carved out time to think critically about your business goals, and how you plan to achieve them. We know that kittenteeth can be an integral part of that journey and your success, and we hope that you’ll invite us to help you achieve your goals this year. We are truly grateful for our professional partnerships, inspiring clients, community of support that united over a difficult year, and the opportunities these have given us for professional (and personal) growth. Thank you for trusting us to help you build a better future.

Although there are many unknowns in the year ahead, we have a few marketing predictions for 2017. We predict that 2017 will be the year for…

Community.  We believe that consumers and businesses will focus on strengthening their relationships with their vendors and brands. 2016 showed us that social proof is one of the biggest motivators for consumer loyalty. Consumers want to build relationships with other consumers, and with the companies they support. For business owners, this means shifting focus from hiding behind a company brand display, to fostering multi-way conversations and building community. Because, let’s face it, not much has changed since the 7th grade. Yes, people are talking about you behind your back; the difference is, if you build a business you believe in, foster positive conversations, and are genuinely interested in hearing what your consumers have to say, gossip is a good thing.

Personal Connection. We believe there will be an increase in business decisions that foster face-to-face opportunities for connection. In previous years, there was a decline in the desire for brick and mortar stores and in-person events. Everyone was living vicariously through brands via social media. We believe 2017 will show the opposite trend. With the increase in conversation-building tech trends such as Facebook Live, people are showing a desire to communicate and connect in more meaningful ways. Pop-up shops are becoming more and more popular for ecommerce companies. In 2017 we expect to see more brands hosting events and participating in conferences to foster personal relationships. So, put on some pants, buy a bucket of store-bought potato salad, pour it convincingly into a kitchen bowl, and invite yourself to the party.

Transparency & Authenticity. The Wizard of Oz approach is no longer working. It’s hard for anyone to trust a faceless brand. Consumers are naturally skeptical of brands, so companies must immediately fight an uphill battle to earn their trust. In 2017, increase your company’s transparency by showing the people, purpose, values, and culture behind your brand. Consumers are rapidly becoming more and more interested in the ethics, origin, and people behind the production of their products. By engaging authentically, you can pull back the curtain to show consumers the behind-the-scenes of your company, giving them the opportunity to trust you. Remember, unlike the characters in the aforementioned classic, your consumers have a brain and a heart.

Our success is directly tied to your success, and we want it any other way. Cheers to making 2017 a year of professional pursuit and personal growth.

Happy New Year,

Nikki & Chantel

kittenteeth | A Small but Sharp Marketing Agency.

Ps. What are some of your goals this year (personal or professional)? Drop us a line!