We thrive in environments of open, honest communication, and believe in learning and teaching as a two-way street. We build strong long-term relationships with our clients and their communities.

We are:


We believe in a collaborative workflow with our clients. We do not call the shots, complete the work, and end with a big ‘ta-DA!” Our clients are a part of the process every step of the way.


We understand you are coming to us because you are feel pressure and/or stretched for resources. We have found a balance between planning and action that we use to create data-driven growth focused plans with clients. 


We are transparent so our clients can make informed decisions. Our lines of communication are open; after all, no one can do their best work when they are left in the dark.


Every move we make is data driven and meticulously examined and measured. We believe in being good stewards of our client’s resources; meaning we’ll only suggest services that we we truly believe you need.

We will always think strategically on your behalf.


We won’t try to make your head spin with marketing jargon. We lay out the facts and work together to put together a strategy that focuses on long-term solutions to your marketing hurdles.

We’re in it for the long haul and will invest in our relationships.


We care about our client’s business like we do our own. We keep a small roster of clients so that we can invest in each one in a meaningful way. You are up nights and so are we.

We genuinely care, and we’ll never stop hustling for you.

Nikki Barron | Founder

Nikki founded kittenteeth in early 2012 as a part-time company catering to creatives such as musicians, artists, photographers, and videographers. She saw a community that was full of potential, but one that didn’t know the strategy for reaching their target audiences. After a few years of spending nights and weekends working as a consultant, Nikki took the leap in 2015 to run kittenteeth full-time with her new business partner, Chantel Bailey. Together, they decided to cater not only to creatives but to early and mid-stage start-ups who struggle with similar problems. 

Nikki’s background in digital marketing started in digital radio advertising sales for a large radio group, she then designed and sold ads for online magazines, eventually finding her way into running a million dollar online fashion e-commerce company before starting kittenteeth full-time.

Her clients continually hire kittenteeth in part because Nikki has a knack for wrangling intricate marketing plans into bite-size bits that are easily executed and extremely impactful. Founders appreciate the marketing approach Nikki takes as a creative, strategic, and intentional addition to their team.

A natural networker and relationship builder, Nikki’s network is robust, putting her in the unique position of being able to matchmake vendors, opportunities, and partnerships for clients. Nikki has an endless supply of valuable resources for creatives, early, and mid-stage startups. This addiction to community building is what prompted the shift in 2016 to offering community building with a focus on social media marketing and content creation, exclusively. 

When she’s not working with clients, you can find her using her marketing powers for good with Techbridge Girls, a national non-profit for women in technology as well as at STEMBox, a monthly subscription science box for girls. She is also a photographer. Her current photography work focuses on expanding her perspective through travel as well as documenting the indie music scene in her favorite city in the world and her home, Seattle.

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Chantel Bailey | Co-Founder

A quarter-life-reinvention, and unshakable seafood craving landed Chantel in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle one fateful evening. Under an orange color-casting hipster chandelier, and over the tear-jerking stench of wasabi, Chantel and Nikki’s ‘just-add-sparkling-water’ instant friendship was born. Fast-forward 365 days and kittenteeth had officially launched.

Chantel graduated from Western Washington University with her BS in Kinesiology and her minor in Communications. She entered ‘the real world’ at a boutique start-up health and fitness studio. There, she trained clients on the floor and worked closely with the founder on program creation, business development, and marketing. After a few years, she realized that what she loved most about her job was helping people realize their potential, and implementing strategies for business expansion.

Taking a leap of faith, she landed in Seattle and accepted a Director role at a local startup. Neck-deep in the startup scene, and surrounded by entrepreneurs, the be-your-own-boss fever rubbed off on Chantel and she found herself ready to take on the challenge of building a business doing what she loves.

She soon realized that what she loves is creating content. Beginning with running just one startup’s social media outlets to managing 15+ accounts at one time, Chantel’s knack for social media and content marketing is evidenced by the fierce uptick in follower growth and engagement. From crafting catchy, clickable headlines, to live-tweeting events and webinars, to copy editing content, to writing email campaigns, newsletters, and blog posts, Chantel is a brand-voice chameleon with an appetite for content-creation.

Chantel’s research writing is best featured in the monthly blogs she writes for a local medical group; her creative and ‘how-to’ writing style is highlighted in her regular work with a nationally known photography company, and her technical voice is publicized in the blogs and ebooks she writes for a local SEO company. Backed by her understanding of Google Analytics and her implementation of SEO best practices, and reinforced by Nikki’s data-driven expansive marketing strategies, clients continue to turn to Chantel as their one-stop-shop for all-things content marketing.

Chantel wants to live in a world of $1 tacos, youtube videos of bunnies eating flowers, and twice annual Christmases, but she’ll happily trade all of that for the chance to contribute to your team in any way, as your occasional copy-editing resource, to your content writing guru.